Posted on November 16, 2020

Gunmen Fire at Random in Shocking Footage from Juneteenth Mass Shooting

Holden Walter-Warner, Daily Mail, November 15, 2020

Police in North Carolina have released new footage of a deadly mass shooting that occurred on Juneteenth, killing three and injuring six who were celebrating the holiday.

The shooting happened during a block party in Charlotte on June 22, with at least 180 bullets being fired from at least ten different weapons.

Police chose to release the 63-second video after reaching a dead end in tracking down any suspects almost five months after the shooting.

The video shows several men idling behind a black SUV when gunshots start to ring out. Two of the men quickly take off and other partygoers run past the SUV as well.

As gunshots continue to ring out, two men take cover behind the black SUV and start firing their weapons, with one firing straight ahead and another seemingly shooting bullets into the air. The two men continue to fire as they get into the vehicle as other people flee the black SUV.

The video ends with the doors of the black SUV starting to be shut, presumably as the suspects begin to flee the scene.

‘Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten to the point where we need to ask the community for help, our leads have run out in this case,’ Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Lt. Bryan Crum stated, according to WCNC.

According to Fox News, a fourth person was killed when a vehicle trying to escape the mayhem struck them.

Kelly Miller, 29, Christopher Antonio Gleaton, 28, and Jamaa Keon Cassell, 39, were killed by the gunfire in June.

There were around 400 people at the party when the shooting erupted. It’s not clear if people in attendance were being targeted or if the shots were just randomly being fired off.

Ten guns were recovered from the incident, but there is not yet enough available evidence to charge anyone in connection with the shooting.

‘I can assure you that we’re going to move Heaven and Earth to get this case resolved,’ Chief Johnny Jennings stated.

A $22,000 reward is being offered by the police for information that would lead to arrests.

Juneteenth is a holiday receiving more interest in the United States lately, as it celebrates the emancipation of slaves in the country over 150 years ago.