Posted on October 22, 2020

New Diversity Coins Launched by Gloucestershire Campaigner

BBC, October 19, 2020

A campaigner said a new coin celebrating the contributions ethnic minority communities have made to the UK will “help bridge the nation’s past, diverse present and future”.

Zehra Zaidi is a member of We Too Built Britain which proposed the “Diversity Built Britain” coins.

About 2.5m of the 50p coins were released by the Royal Mint on Monday.

On the coin’s unveiling, Ms Zaidi, from Gloucestershire, tweeted “history is made”.

Ms Zaidi, a former Conservative parliamentary candidate, said: “Ethnic minority people, as well as all under-represented groups, need to see themselves represented in British institutions.

“They need to see their contributions to Britain recognised. We are a diverse, modern and global Britain – let’s show that.

“This coin helps bridge our nation’s past, its diverse present and its future, looking outward, positively, together.”

HM Treasury said the new coin signalled the intent of the Royal Mint and Chancellor Rishi Sunak to include a wider range of people on coins and notes in the future.

Mr Sunak said: “I have seen first-hand the contribution made by ethnic minority communities to Britain’s history.

“That is why I backed the We Too Built Britain campaign and requested that the Royal Mint introduced this coin to celebrate it.”

Designer Dominique Evans said the background of the coin featured a geodome with a series of interconnecting lines and triangles that formed a network.

“Each part is equal, and symbolises a community of connection and strength,” she said.