Posted on October 13, 2020

Florida Man Allegedly Beat Girl at Panda Express for Rejecting Advances

Joshua Rhett Miller, New York Post, October 7, 2020

A Florida man beat a girl unconscious for rejecting his advances while waiting in line at a Panda Express, police said.

Bruce Edward Gordon, 37,… claimed to cops the juvenile victim approached him in the food court without provocation and called him a “bitch” before throwing a cup of water on his shirt… {snip}

Bruce Gordon

Bruce Edward Gordon

Gordon, of Naples, said he then turned around and punched the girl multiple times in an act of “self-defense”… {snip}

But a witness… {snip} told officers the girl asked Gordon to leave her alone when he started flirting with her… {snip}

An angry Gordon then called the girl a “bitch” before heading to his table. Moments later, he allegedly got up and beat the girl unconscious, punching her in the face and stomping on her as she was motionless on the floor, WBBH reports. {snip}