Posted on September 11, 2020

Populist Salvini Physically Attacked by Leftist Migrant in Tuscany

Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, September 11, 2020

{snip} Senator Matteo Salvini was the victim of a physical attack, reportedly by a politically left-wing migrant during a campaign event ahead of the regional elections {snip}

The attack took place in the commune of  Pontassieve on Wednesday, with the woman tearing at the League leader’s shirt and his rosary.

Guglielmo Picchi, former deputy minister of foreign affairs, labelled the attacker as an Antifa militant. He said: “Salvini was attacked in Pontassieve by a mobster anti-fascist militant who ripped at his shirt and rosary. The true Democrat [Party].”

According to a report from newspaper Il Giornale, the attacker is a 30-year-old migrant from the Congo. Witnesses added that she is employed by the local government and was on her way back from work when she attacked Salvini.

Salvini commented on the attack later in the day, saying: “I can buy a new shirt. But the rosary ripped violently from my neck — that had been given to me by a parish priest — unfortunately not.”