Posted on September 16, 2020

Black Voter Confronts Trump at Philadelphia Town Hall

Nikki Schwab, Daily Mail, September 15, 2020

A Philadelphia-based black pastor confronted President Donald Trump at Tuesday night’s ABC News town hall telling him that the ‘Make America Great Again’ slogan is ‘tone deaf.’

‘When has America been great for African Americans in the ghetto of America? Are you aware of how tone deaf that comes off the African American community?’ Pastor Carl Day told Trump.

He also pointed out that Trump hadn’t acknowledged America’s race problem, to which the president replied, ‘Well I hope there’s not a race problem.’

‘I can tell you, there’s none with me,’ Trump said.

The town hall, pre-taped in Philadelphia and then broadcast several hours later, had undecided voters pose questions to Trump, with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos there to moderate the Q&A.

Day was identified as an undecided voter who voted for third party hopeful Jill Stein in 2016. After his interaction with Trump he went on CNN and said, ‘I’m definitely not voting Trump, I will say that.’

Day wanted to hear Democrat Joe Biden’s plans for black America before casting a vote that way.

When Day first called MAGA ‘tone deaf,’ Trump pointed to public opinion polls – which generally show him underwater with black voters compared to Democrat Joe Biden.

‘Well, I can say this, we have tremendous African-American support,’ Trump said. ‘You’ve probably seen it in the polls. We’ve done extremely well with African-American, Hispanic-American at levels that you’ve rarely seen a Republican have.’

Recent polls in Florida show Biden in a slightly weaker position than Hillary Clinton did in 2016 among Latino voters.

‘You look just prior to this horrible situation coming in from China, when the virus came in, that was the – probably the highest point, home ownership for the black community, home ownership, lower crime, the best jobs they’ve ever had, highest income, the best employment numbers they’ve ever had,’ Trump continued.

Trump boasted that if Day went back six or seven months ‘that was the best single moment in the history of the African-American people in this country, I think – I would say.’

Day again questioned why Trump would use Make America Great ‘Again,’ and then described the conditions of the ‘ghettos,’ with drugs and guns, which black Americans have historically been red-lined into.

‘And we have not been seeing a change, quite frankly under your administration,’ Day said. ‘Under the Obama administration, under the Bush, under the Clinton, the very same thing happening.’

Day then pointed out that while Trump had talked about police officers ‘choking’ – often his explanation for why unarmed black Americans are being shot at a disproportionate rate – ‘you have yet to address and acknowledge that there’s been a race problem in America.’

Trump said he hoped there wasn’t a race problem ‘because I have great respect for all races, for everybody.’

‘This country is great because of it,’ Trump said.