Posted on August 12, 2020

Alzheimer’s Patient Beaten, Wedding Ring Stolen Off Her Finger at West Bloomfield Nursing Home

Fox 2 Detroit, August 11, 2020

Black Nursing Home Beating

The victim and her assailant.

A male orderly has been arrested for beating and stealing from a 69-year-old Alzheimer’s resident inside a West Bloomfield nursing home.

The attack allegedly happened just days after the woman moved into the facility.

Kristine Tracy’s husband, Stan, says her wedding ring was stolen. {snip}


“What goes through someone’s mind to take advantage of an Alzheimer’s victim, 67 years old, tear off a ring that’s been on her finger since 1971,” said Greg Rohl, the attorney suing Villa at Green Lake Estates.

Stan says the nursing home told him Kristine’s injuries were because she fell.

“They don’t let them fall on their [expletive] on their head. They don’t do that,” Stan argued. But police said videotape showed Kristine was assaulted by an orderly who worked at the nursing home.


Meanwhile, the suspect, Tirrell Mercer, Jr. was charged with armed robbery, a felony, and elder abuse, a misdemeanor.