Posted on July 7, 2020

There’s a Civil War Happening Between Minorities and Woke Whites

Andrea Widburg, American Thinker, July 7, 2020

On Monday, the conservative internet was rife with stories about a video of a Community Education Council meeting in New York City during which a white woman, Robin Broshi, screamed that it was racist for a white man to hold his friend’s nephew, a young black child.  However, there’s much more to the meeting than the way Broshi exemplifies the hysterical white women powering the BLM movement.  The meeting is a microcosm of the civil war between people genuinely concerned about improving conditions for minorities and virtue-signaling leftists who are useful idiots for the Marxists.

New York’s Community Education Councils are parent advisory bodies.  On June 11, a meeting revealed fissures in District 2.  During the four-hour meeting, some people got offended by remarks about race and about a white man holding a black baby on his lap.

When the Council met again on June 29, the hysterical Broshi told the man who held the baby that what he did was racist:

It hurts people when they see a white man bouncing a brown baby on their lap, and they don’t know the context! That is harmful! That makes people cry!

Broshi, a white Jewish Democrat, knew this because, as she said, she had educated herself by reading Ibram Kendi’s How to Be an Antiracist and Robin DiAngelo’s White Fragility.  That whole thing was funny, but more important things happened earlier in the video.

Broshi attacked the council president for failing to respond to a letter from 100 minority parents offended by the previous meeting.  Instead, she complained, the response came from the vice president, who just had “one vote,” and who dared to brush off concerns about “violent harmful language” and the absence of a “safe space” by referring to “freedom of speech.”

Broshi didn’t realize that the vice president, Edward Irizarry, a lawyer, is also a Puerto Rican man who went to segregated public schools, lived in foster homes, and was homeless.  Irizarry was outraged at Broshi’s casual dismissal, and he went ballistic on her:

Briefly, Irizarry attacked Broshi and those like her because, when discussing integrating the high-end, lily-white school their children attend, they want to dumb down the curriculum for those minorities who enter the school.  He accurately accused her of being condescending to Latinos and blacks and of making hollow proposals because these minority students “are not getting the education that they deserve.”  Moreover:

We want you to respect us. Do you understand that? We don’t want handouts. We don’t want to be said, ‘Oh, come to Clinton. Come to Beacon with my child because you’re inferior and perhaps some of … our intelligence can rub off on you.’ But I see through this nonsense, and I see through this racism. And I understand it and I am going to vote ‘no’ when I see all of these nonsensical diversity positions that lack substance, that lack … that are really cosmetic in nature. Cosmetic diversity, that’s what you’re looking for. You’re not looking for true change. You’re not looking to really educate all of the people of this district. [snip] You don’t want to teach Latinos and blacks fractions and decimals and how not to get ensnared in these, in these mortgages where, where they’re adjustable rate and so. You don’t want to teach them that because that’s how you remain comfortable.

Irizarry also attacked her woke racism:

I support my president, Maud Maron, in what she’s doing and what she’s trying to do. Because leadership, you see, is about building coalitions with people that you disagree with. It’s about reaching out to Maud, reaching out to Len, reaching out to Ben, and trying to make progress. It’s not about showboating and white fragility and all this nonsense that doesn’t make a child learn, that doesn’t teach a poor kid anything, okay?

Broshi apologized, but the apology was as racist as her original position.  She freely identified her “white privilege” and “white supremacy” and groveled for having “silence[d]” Irizarry’s voice.  She then explained, though, that she thought it was racist for the integration proposal to make incoming minority students meet academic metrics (starting around 24:50).  Instead, she argued, they should just be treated as the special snowflakes that they are.  That was precisely the racism that Irizarry attack her for because that is the attitude that leaves minority children uneducated.

Broshi is every woke white woman who screams at black police officers that they don’t understand that black lives matter; she’s every woke white woman who reads a couple of books and accuses every other white person of racism; and she’s every woke white woman who secretly believes that black children aren’t as smart as her little darlings but that they definitely deserve participation medals if they sit in the back of their children’s classroom.