Posted on May 30, 2020

Trump Supporters Smeared — Again — by the Left, in Minnesota Mayhem

Monica Showalter, American Thinker, May 29, 2020

When Trump supporters say ‘it’s not about Trump, it’s about us,’ when the left howls about President Trump, they aren’t kidding.

The Minnesota riots, brought on by a video of a bad instance of police brutality, have incited leftists to paint the perpetrating cop, Derek Chauvin, as a Trump supporter on social media, something they’re spreading around:

Here’s the fact-check that isn’t been seen on Twitter from its vaunted fact-checkers: The claim is 100% fake. 100% And I’ve looked around for Twitter’s disclaimers about it and don’t see any.

Even USAToday, to its credit, though, reported it as fake:

The photos, which show several Minneapolis area police officers standing next to the president in “Cops for Trump” T-shirts, was taken at an October rally where dozens of Minneapolis Police Federation members stood on stage with the president.

The man in question is Mike Gallagher, president of the police union in Bloomington, Minnesota, not Chauvin.

Which is outrageous. Whenever some white miscreant does something to incite racial conflict, the immediate response from the left is to claim the perpetrator is a Trump supporter. They spread that around like butter, passing it from leftist, to leftist, and it’s proven false every time. It’s certainly a branch operation of hating Trump. After all, if you hate Trump, you hate Trump’s voters even more. And it happens again and again.

We saw that a few days ago in the case of the ‘Central Park Karen,’ a dog walker who wouldn’t put her dog on a leash as a dedicated black birdwatcher asked her to do, and then got into an altercation with him leading to a call to the police. She too, was painted as a MAGA supporter. Turns out she was in fact a dyed-in-the-wool New York City liberal who had donated to Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, and Pete Buttigieg. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the same is quite likely of the accused Minnesota cops who are after all public employee union members in a solid blue metropolis that repeatedly votes Democrat. Why wouldn’t they be Democrats? A lot of the cops I know in blue cities are, despite the anti-police rhetoric of Democrats. Some things in politics aren’t easily explained, but leftwing cops in blue cities are not uncommon and the voting tallies tell the story.

What is absolutely certain in this case is that these cops are not affiliated with Trump or Trump supporters as claimed by leftists. Yet the left can’t stop spreading the smear around.

They’ve also thrown in a side of racism against Trump supporters, too, which, given the amount of black support seen at Trump rallies, is clearly another smear.

USA debunked that one, too:

Other posts have misidentified Chauvin in another setting. Photos posted to Facebook show a man wearing a “Make Whites Great Again” hat and claim that man is Chauvin. Those pictures are actually of the provocateur Jonathan Lee Riches.

‘Provocateur’ sounds like ‘leftist’ because the job of a provocateur is to be sarcastic. This clown in the disgusting hat’s game is probably to smear Trump supporters as racist, too. We will wait for the story on that.

But based on what we know of racists, the real kind, they tend to be Democrats, constantly bean-counting on the color of someone’s skin instead of judging the content of a person’s character. Just ask David Duke.

That racism smear most likely is thrown around because so many black people do support President Trump, who has the highest percentage of black support since black voters in the post-Civil War era were reliably Republican. Unlike David Duke, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a Republican, too, and Republican for a reason.

The Trump MAGA movement has attracted startlingly high numbers of black voters, much to the Democratic Party’s distress. If the movement is so full of racists, why are Democrats so alarmed? The left’s bid to smear Trump supporters falsely as racists is very much a function of Democrats’ desperate desire keep black people from defecting from the Democratic Party and joining President Trump. Black people who’ve already joined the Trump camp can see right through it. But that’s where this smear-garbage is coming from.

It’s just so false. The racial incidents we have seen and are seeing now are all in solid-blue cities, with perpetrators and victims all Democrats. MAGA supporters are not parts of these equations. Yet there the left is, doing what the left does, which is smear Republicans and Trump supporters as the cause of these problems. The real cause of the problem is socialism and the sense of entitlement it brings, along with the inevitable conflicts of different special interest groups fighting over who gets the biggest slice of a static pie. MAGA supporters just want to be left alone and have one set of laws for everyone and a bigger pie.

This constant move to smear Trump supporters in the wake of blue-city racial incidents is outrageous. And it’s about time it’s called out.