Posted on May 29, 2020

Report: Channel Migrants ‘Threaten to Throw Their Children into the Water’ to Keep French Away

Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, May 29, 2020

Illegal migrants crossing the English Channel in small boats threaten to drown themselves or their children in order to keep the French ships back, according to reports.

Migrants from coronavirus-infected camps on the French coast have been crossing the English Channel in record numbers, with many seemingly being escorted into British territorial waters by French ships rather than intercepted and turned around.

The British government, which has paid the French government millions of pounds to stop migrants from using their country as a launchpad to Britain, has defended this state of affairs — exposed by Brexit leader turned investigative reporter Nigel Farage — on grounds that the French authorities allegedly cannot intercept the migrants request assistance under international law — and that the British authorities, similarly, cannot turn the boats around but must bring them the rest of the way to England to lodge their bogus asylum claims.



Home Secretary Priti Patel is “planning to bring in new laws after Britain leaves the EU to make it easier to return cross-Channel migrants to France”, according to The Telegraph.