Posted on May 5, 2020

‘Lockdown Lunacy’: Nigel Farage Visited by Police Officers After Reporting on Illegal Boat Migrants

Kurt Zindulka, Breitbart, May 5, 2020


On Monday, Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage went to the port at Dover and filmed the Border Force bringing a group of migrants “including a very young baby” to shore.

Yet after continuing his work as a politician-turned-journalist to expose the “scandal” of Britain’s borders remaining open at a time where the rest of the country is closed, Mr Farage said that “two police officers just knocked on my door to advise me on essential travel.”

“They had received a complaint that I had been to Dover to report on the illegal migrant scandal taking place,” Farage said, adding: “What a total waste of time and money.”


Police forces across the country have been accused of overzealous enforcement of the national lockdown. Last week, it was revealed that the Crown Prosecution Service will review every charge, conviction, and sentence that have been brought under the Coronavirus Act following a string of wrongful convictions.


“The Border Force is supposed to protect our borders, not be a taxi service for illegal immigrants and yet that’s what the Home Office are telling them what to do,” Mr Farage said.

Mr Farage lamented the “enormous risks people are taking”, but cautioned that it should be remembered that all of this is “organised by criminal trafficking gangs”.

“Remember that even if some of these people qualify as refugees, you claim refugee status in the first safe country you come to. France is a safe country, and I do just get the feeling that we are being so weak about this… that if already over a thousand people have come this year… goodness knows what this figure is going to be,” the Brexit Party leader added.


On Sunday, the Border Force stopped 49 migrants attempting to cross the English Channel in three rubber dinghies, bringing them ashore at Dover. On Monday, an additional 16 migrants — claiming to be from Iraq and Iran — were brought ashore.


Last year, 1,890 illegal boat migrants reached British shores, but the British government only deported 125 of them, despite Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s promise to send migrants back.