Posted on May 12, 2020

Dashcam Video Captures Chaos After Shooting at Fort Worth Park on Mother’s Day

Fox 4, May 11, 2020


Five people were shot at a crowded park in southeast Fort Worth Sunday evening.

Police said about 400 people were gathered in the Village Creek Park near Highway 287 and Wilbarger Street around 6:30 p.m. for a party. They were ignoring social distancing guidelines.

Dash camera video from Sunday evening captured an officer running a low-frequency sound system called a howler for 3 minutes 25 seconds. The crowd of an estimated 400 people ignored it. Police say other officers also used a PA system to address the crowd, repeatedly ordering them to disperse.

Lots of gunshots can be heard on the dash cam video as people ran for cover.


“It was a senseless violent act. That’s exactly what it is,” said Jesse Taylor, precinct chair of the Tarrant County Republican Party. “You got everybody been locked up for almost 2-3 months. You give them a stimulus check of almost 12 hundred dollars. They might have a couple hundred dollars left, and they’re out here having fun right now. That’s exactly what’s going on.”

Taylor believes this started as a social media feud between rival rappers.

“This rapper talks about the other rapper. Vice versa with the other rapper,” he said. “It rolls out in our community, and we wind up with five people being shot.”


All of the shooting victims are expected to recover. {snip}