Posted on March 10, 2020

Video: Black Voters Have No Choice but to Vote Democrat Due to ‘Structural White Supremacy,’ Says MSNBC’s Chris Hayes

Aaron Colen, The Blaze, March 9, 2020


Hayes was discussing the way white voters are segmented into more categories than black voters, who tend to vote Democratic across different demographics. The context of the panel discussion was an analysis of why some voters chose former Vice President Joe Biden over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

Contributor Eddie Glaude said fears about losing to President Donald Trump and taking heavy losses in congressional elections turned some black voters away from Sanders, although Glaude also conceded that some voters just agree with Biden’s politics.


“First of all, there’s generational division,” Hayes said. {snip}

“And the second thing is that, look, white people in America have two parties to choose from. And between those two parties, they sort in all kinds of ways. People who are college, post-graduate atheists in metro areas, those are Democrats,” Hayes continued. “People that are rural and go to church every week, and were high school graduates, most likely Republican. For black voters in those two categories, they’re both going to be in the Democratic Party. Because there’s only one party they can be a part of because of the nature of structural white supremacy in American political coalitions.”