Posted on February 8, 2020

EU Faces Exodus as Le Pen Destroys Brussels’ Plot to Punish UK ‘More Countries Will Leave’

Oli Smith, Express, February 7, 2020

French party leader Marine Le Pen has predicted more countries are likely to follow Britain out of the EU, as she took aim at Brussels for its punishing approach to Brexit.

Marine Le Pen warned the EU faces “other countries leaving” the bloc if it refuses to change after Brexit. The French far-right leader added the EU has more to lose on Brexit than the UK. She remarked Europe still felt like a prison, as Ms Le Pen pointed to the “real contempt” shown from the Brussels elite towards the UK during the three years of negotiations.

The leader of National Rally, formerly the National Front, said the EU faces greater consequences than Britain from the “big bang” of Brexit.

Ms Le Pen told EuroNews: “Now there are options – the EU can understand that there is a big problem and stop moving towards failure.

“The EU could listen to the people and participate in the creation of this European alliance of nations that we would like to build.

“Or the EU will continue to not accept reality and other countries will leave the EU. It’s a certainty.”

Speaking out against the Brussels elite’s approach to Brexit, she added: “Well Brexit has already taken three years.

“Behind this contempt for democracy, we felt a real contempt for the people from EU leaders who barely hid wanting to make the divorce as difficult as possible.

“And yet it’s surely Great Britain that will feel the best and the EU that will have the suffer the most consequences of this exit.

“But does the EU question itself? That is the real question. They never question themselves.”

Ms Le Pen, who previously campaigned for an in-out referendum on the EU, has since said that she no longer wants Frexit.

Instead, she has urged the European Union to reform into a looser political alliance of countries.

She added: “Maybe Great Britain can rejoin us once we’ve built something where each nation conserves their freedom.”