Posted on December 14, 2019

Dallas Murder Rate for 2019 Nears 200, Police Department Has No Plan of Action

J.D. Miles, CBSDFW, December 12, 2019

The city of Dallas is on the brink of something it hasn’t seen in 12 years — In 2019, the police department has had 197 homicides with more than two weeks left in the year, but still doesn’t have a plan to address it.


Dallas Police Association Vice President Frederick Frazier accuses the police department and city leaders of dragging their feet to address a murder rate that’s at a 12-year high.

“Everybody’s alarm should’ve been going off along time ago,” Frazier said. “Every day in our city, they’re making another victim. Whether it’s a black-on-black crime or whether it’s a lady walking through the garage at Northpark. . . ”