Posted on October 21, 2019

Store’s Thief-Tolerant Policy Backfires, Punks Walk Out with Suitcases Full of Loot

Jared Harris, Western Journal, October 9, 2019

Thieves taking full advantage of a liquor store’s tolerant approach to crime had to bring in luggage to haul their ill-gotten goods out of the store, all while employees helplessly watched.

According to Global News, the brazen theft happened Thursday at a Canadian LCBO store, a government-owned shop operated by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario.

The theft, which was captured on video, involved two men who used duffel bags and a suitcase to carry seemingly pricey bottles of booze out of the store.

Although there’s no official statement on the amount that was stolen, the packaging on some of the bottles indicates the thieves weren’t exactly taking bottom-shelf liquor.

While the two punks took their time leisurely walking out of the store with their monumental haul, employees could do nothing but shout at them.

You can even hear groans from the workers at the sound of bottle rack crashing to the ground, knowing full well they’ll have to clean it while the thieves enjoy their fine liquor.

This failure to confront the thieves wasn’t due to cowardice, however.

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According to CBC News, employees of LCBO are trained to avoid thieves. Instead of intervening, workers must take as much information as they can before sharing it with police.

By the time that happens, thieves are likely lining up their first shots of finely-aged Scottish whiskey in the safety of their home.

Since the LCBO stores are owned by the government, every bottle of liquor stolen is essentially a loss that the taxpayer will have to cover.

These brazen thefts during operating hours are only increasing in frequency. The lax security coupled with LCBO’s apparent unwillingness to take the situation seriously has only emboldened thieves.

Government-owned stores in the neighboring province of Manitoba have also been rocked by an increase in liquor thefts, prompting changes that they hope will deter thieves.

Stores there will begin checking ID cards at the door, giving employees an idea of who is entering the store. Security guards will also be present during certain hours, and these employees will be able to perform a citizen’s arrest on thieves after they exit a store.

While Canadians are defenseless from stopping thieves from walking away with thousands of dollars worth of liquor, their government appears unwilling to empower them to do otherwise.

With Canada’s liberal tolerance giving thieves the opportunity of a lifetime, it seems that thefts are only going to increase.