Posted on May 7, 2019

WaPo: ‘Worrying’ That D.C. School Is ‘Getting Whiter’

Raheem Kassam, Human Events, May 6, 2019

Sunday’s Washington Post contains an item in its local ‘Metro’ section entitled: As Woodrow Wilson High School grapples with its name, the school is getting whiter.


Author Nathan Kohrman – previously published in hard-left outlets like Slate and Mother Jones – takes to the pages of WaPo to detail how Woodrow Wilson High School in D.C.’s Tenleytown is becoming more white.

“{snip} Today, Wilson is roughly a third white, a third black and a fifth Latino. The trend is likely to accelerate. The District is growing whiter, and the majority-white elementary schools that feed into Wilson have more students than ever. The school may become majority-white within a decade.”

Disturbingly, he concludes: “This is worrying.”


Imagine a major publication opining it was “worrying” that a school was becoming more black, or hispanic, or Muslim.

His recommendation?

“Wilson should reserve seats to keep the school majority-minority. It must resist the racism of least friction.”

In other words, artificially “black up” the school. {snip}


Kohrman’s own white, liberal supremacy is fully on display as he suggests white children attend underperforming schools to even out the failure of public education by race.

“To the District’s white and predominantly liberal families — families like mine — this may seem too great a sacrifice… I understand the fear. It’s the fear of equal footing when you want the best”.


It appears that for the Washington Post, democracy dies not in darkness, but in whiteness.