Posted on April 22, 2019

MLB Suspends Tim Anderson One Game for Calling Honky the N-Word

Tom Ley, Deadspin, April 19, 2019

The Royals and White Sox had a brief scuffle Wednesday after Royals pitcher Brad Keller hit White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson in the tush with a pitch in bottom of the sixth inning. The plunking was obvious retaliation for Anderson’s jubilant reaction to a home run he had hit two innings prior, and so everyone got out of the dugouts to yell at each other.

The bench-clearing eventually died down without major incident, although umpire Joe West ejected Anderson, {snip}

ESPN’s Jeff Passan is reporting that Anderson is one kid who won’t get to play, for one game, because he’s been suspended for calling Keller, who looks like this, a “weak-ass fucking N-word.” {snip}

With this move, MLB appears to be joining the “Nobody can say it” camp, which is an unwise but wholly unsurprising development given the league’s failure to attract and develop black players. {snip}