Posted on April 24, 2019

Fifteen Farm Attacks and One Farm Murder: 1-15 April 2019

South Africa Today, April 17, 2019

Whilst the president of South Africa, Ramaphosa, and the ANC government deny that farm attacks and farm murders take place in the country there have already been, as at 15 April 2019, fifteen farm attacks and one farm murder. During March 2019, 28 farm attacks took place and 2 farm murders, whilst 2 farm attacks were successfully averted.

The statistics were released by the Rome Research Institute of South Africa. In a book by Ernst Roets, “Kill the Boer” it is argued that the South African government is complicit in the crisis of farm murders. Ten reasons are supplied for this allegation. Various incidents of political incitement to farm murders, as well as farm murders where political or racial motives clearly played a role, is stated in the book.

[Editor’s Note: More information about the book Kill the Boer, by Ernst Roets, is available here.]