Posted on March 6, 2019

The Sad Extinction of the South African White Afrikaner

Rita T.M. Kufandarerwa, PRAAG, February 16, 2019

The drums of Land expropriation in South Africa are beating louder. Recently, we saw the ANC and the EFF kissing and making things right because on the land issue, they are not at loggerheads. Jacob Zuma went as far as proposing that the constitution of the republic be amended to allow for the expropriation of land. This is the same constitution that he violated and obdurately refused to step down. The constitution is applicable to a few individuals but for the top echelons like Zuma, it does not have any bearing. That is not the crux of this article.

In this land melee, it is the white Afrikaner whose existence is threatened. Like the white Zimbabwean in the 90s, the white Afrikaner faces extinction in the growing insanity of envy and obsession with the past. When the economic arteries of a certain race are blocked, their existence is compromised. Take away a man’s slice of bread and you have taken away his existence. The economic avenues for the white Afrikaner have been shut and the few remaining are going to be hermetically shut with the impending Land expropriation. The chants of consensus from the masses on the land expropriation are a harbinger of the atrocities that are about to befall the Afrikaner race. The white Afrikaners undeniably own vast tracts of land but the land is in good use as South Africa boasts of a stable and bountiful agricultural sector. From the farming itself to the distribution, the sector creates millions of jobs. The whole sector hangs in limbo as they are feeling the land expropriation heat. I have known the Afrikaner as the race that is thick skinned but a thick skin also melts under extreme heat.

The Employment Equity (EE) legislation went full force in 2014 with the government threatening non-compliant companies with hefty penalties. The law states that employment opportunities must be given as a priority to people from designated groups. The designated groups racially constitute of Africans, Indians and Coloureds. The fulcrum of this law is that White males and females benefited during the apartheid era and they should not be afforded employment opportunities before people from designated groups- another testimony of ongoing economic slaughter of the white Afrikaner. In the business sector, the trouble faithfully follows the white Afrikaner as Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) compliance hinders their entrepreneurial zeal. A business that is not compliant with the BBEEE will be lucky to land a tender or even open its doors to the public. Again, people from designated groups form key elements of the BBBEE which include Ownership, Management Control, Skills Development, Enterprise and Supplier development and Socio-Economic development. BBBEE certification and EE legislation is a double edged sword that slits the white Afrikaner.

On the social scene, the white Afrikaner is facing extinction as his language has been a subject of student protests. The University of Stellenbosch heralded the boycotting of Afrikaans as a medium of learning in many universities. In a country like South Africa with over 9 official languages, the tension should not escalate to a protest level unless there is deep hatred for a certain language. Yes, Afrikaans was forced on many non-Afrikaans speakers and it was a concern. The concern was blown and flames of hatred were alight as Afrikaans was threatened with a ban in many institutions. The students not only protested against the language policy, they protested against a race with most in the extreme of wanting a complete ban of Afrikaans — the language of the oppressor as it was termed. It is not anyone’s fault that Afrikaner academics wrote their books and published them. As such there are lectures that will be given in Afrikaans for Afrikaans speaking students, just like there are lectures in English for English speaking students. Our Sepedi, Sotho, Zulu, Xhosa, Ndebele, Swati, Venda and Tsonga speaking academics should aspire to write books in their mother tongues like the Afrikaner did. The incompetence of our own academics is transmogrified into a hatred for the Afrikaans language which is the problem as opposed to Afrikaans as a language being a problem. No language is frowned upon in South Africa more than Afrikaans-again the white Afrikaner looks as his language is demonized and disintegrated from society.

South Africa has seen an exodus of white Afrikaners who are feeling less and less welcome in the country. A former boss of mine packed his life away and moved to Australia. I know of a very good white Afrikaner friend who moved to Germany. They said the same thing which is that being white is not a racial and economic disadvantage in such countries. The economic assassination endorsed by EE and BBBEE is enough to instruct the white Afrikaner to depart. Canada, Australia, the UK and New Zealand offered the white Zimbabweans refuge and citizenship during the madness of land invasions in Zimbabwe. That was the death of a race. With the white Afrikaner facing the same peril, they will move to more accepting countries and leave a country where they are detested for being white.

I am no black sellout, neither am I a white apologist but any law that is aimed at destroying the livelihood of a certain race is a shame and it should be shunned. Apartheid came and went as such EE and BBEEE laws should have a duration. It cannot be fair on any race to receive retribution for crimes committed in historical epochs that they did not live in. The white Afrikaner faces the same fate as the white Zimbabwean — he was helplessly blamed, demonised, attacked, brutalised and driven into extinction by a black majority.