Posted on December 27, 2018

Ramaphosa Asked to Apologize to Whites over Lackadaisical Statement

Bongani, News Soweto, December 22, 2018

South Africa president Cyril Ramaphosa urged to apologise for saying Whites have a “lackadaisical commitment to nation-building.”

The speech was considered divisive and unpresidential. According to John Lindiwe, you don’t pitch one race against the other as a country’s president.

Whites have contributed in building South Africa, otherwise the countrry would have been like the other underdeveloped African countries.

Ramaphosa recently told Xolani Gwala on Talk Radio 702 the week before, speaking about black anger in South Africa: “It is justified anger. This is why we say to white people that the majority of this country is becoming tired of their lackadaisical commitment to nation-building.

Several anguished tweets about how unfair it was to expect 8% of the population to build a nation, when they were already contributing the lion’s share of the tax that goes to fund not just the gravy train for the politicians and public servants, but the grant system that a third of the country depends on.