Posted on December 4, 2018

Meeting Held on Assaults in City Schools

John Rydell, WBFF-TV, December 3, 2018

Dozens of teachers, staffers, parents and students gathered for a special meeting Monday night to discuss a series of recent assaults by students on teachers and staffers.

Schools CEO Sonja Santelises says she met earlier in the evening with several school principals to learn more about the problems in their schools.


During the meeting, Scott told the group the system cannot resolve the problem of violence by simply suspending or expelling bad students.

Jonothan Gray, a student and a leader of the Black Lives Matter Coalition and the Baltimore Algebra Project, says students need to play a key role in addressing violence the classroom.

But Gray also says teachers need more help in overcrowded classes either from teacher assistants or designated student leaders.

“So we have this power struggle, we have this conflict, so if we can tear down those walls where we have two teachers in the room or students in the room to de-escalate situations, students who we appoint so if something goes wrong, it’s your job to de-escalate the situation,” said Gray.


Santelises says following reports of an assault at Dunbar High School, faith leaders have contacted her and are vowing to find mentors for many of the students.