Posted on October 5, 2018

2 Arrested in Connection with Federal Hill Fatal Shooting

Rick Ritter, WJZ-TV, October 4, 2018

Baltimore Police arrested two people in connection with the Federal Hill fatal shooting last week.

Deandre Devon Sleet, 23, of Baltimore was charged in the murder of Timothy Moriconi.

Timothy Moriconi

Moriconi was shot point blank in his head just a short distance way from his home. The 25-year-old’s family said he was walking home from a relatives home and that he was the victim of a robbery in the same neighborhood just a year ago.


Sleet was charged with first- and second-degree murder, robbery, handgun use in commission of a violent felony, handgun on a person, discharging a firearm, felon in possession of a firearm, illegal possession of a firearm and handgun in vehicle.

Deandre Devon Sleet

Kiara Treasure Wesley, 23, was also charged in connection with the case. Wesley was charged with having a handgun in her vehicle.


Both {snip} are linked to several street robberies.

Kiara Treasure Wesley

Sleet is a repeat offender with a slew of charges in the past, even serving time for armed robbery and firearm charges, but he ended up back on the streets.


The murder was just one of the dozens of murders in Baltimore last month. {snip}