Posted on September 14, 2018

Police Dispatcher Is Left with Horrific Bruises, Bleeding on the Brain and a Broken Arm After Man Attacks Her at Work

James Gordon, Daily Mail, September 12, 2018

A woman has revealed the horrific injuries she received after being brutally beaten while working a police dispatcher.

Barbara King, from Mississippi, was the only dispatcher on duty Wednesday when Stacy Clark entered the Clarksdale Police Department building and asked for property that had been left there.

He then attacked her for no reason at all, leaving her with a bleeding brain, a broken arm and her face covered in bruises.

Barbara King

Clark accused the dispatcher of lying to him. King attempted to reach another officer, but they were all on patrol. Clark then began beating King, hitting her several times in the face.

Clark has charged with aggravated assault. He was given no bond in a hearing Thursday, and the case was bound over to the grand jury.

Police say King tried to reach officers, but they were all out on patrol at the time of the attack. Luckily, she had the strength to dispatch officers to help her.

‘She tried to get away from him by going outside,’ Police Chief Sandra Williams said, but she couldn’t escape him.

Williams says the department now has security measures in place, but didn’t say how Clark got inside the police department when the doors were locked.

The assault was relentless with Clark continuing to beat King until officers finally  arrived and pulled him off of her.

King also suffered several fractures to the face and has already undergone the first of several facial surgeries.

It’s unclear if Clark has a lawyer. This case is under investigation by the Clarksdale Police Department.

Meanwhile, some people online have aired their frustration as to how King’s case has been dealt with.

‘Something needs to be done in a town where a person can walk in off the street and do this to a POLICE Officer!’ wrote Ann Brasher Garner.

‘Neither the Mayor of Clarksdale or the Police Chief have contacted Barbara King’s family. This family needs justice and this is not one of the times we need to let it get swept under the rug, as has happened in Clarksdale Mississippi before!’

Stacy Clark