Posted on September 6, 2018

EFF Supporters Say They Were Shot at By Malema’s Security Personnel

Luke Daniel, The South African, September 3, 2018

Supporters of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) allege that security personnel, hired by party leader, Julius Malema, fired live ammunition at them, following a gathering in Midvaal.

The chaos erupted on Sunday evening, following the party’s provincial people’s assembly gathering.

EFF conference marred by infighting

Mphahlele Phasoane Mpho, an EFF student leader, took to social media to explain what he witnessed on the night. According to Mpho, Malema’s security unit, known as the Defenders of the Revolution (DOR), unleashed a vicious attack on supporters outside the venue.

According to a report by The Citizen, the meeting was brought into disrepute when supporters of expelled EFF member, Abednego Mathole, stormed out of the venue when their preferred candidate was overlooked during the election process.

Tensions grew when this same group accused the EFF of ‘selling-out’ – a reference to the party’s controversial coalitions with the Democratic Alliance (DA).

Apparently, yesterday, Julius Malema unleashed his bodyguards on his members & they fired live bullets on innocent delegates who waited for results of the GP assembly.

An anonymous witness said that tensions reached a fever pitch when Malema was leaving the venue; the Commander in Chief’s vehicle was pelted with rocks by an angry mob of disgruntled EFF supporters.

In response to the attack, it’s alleged that Malema’s security guards then opened fire on the crowd, from within the vehicle, using live ammunition.

It’s then alleged that a Toyota Quantum, carrying an army of private security guards, arrived on the scene. According to Mpho, this is when the violence spiralled out of control, with one EFF supporter ending up in ICU:

“We managed to be safe all of us, after DOR [defenders of the revolution] came and attacked us innocently chilling awaiting results of the assembly. Unfortunately, its only one cadre who was beaten to unconsciousness and he’s in hospital, sure to head to ICU because his condition was brutally unappealing.

The DOR that was instructed by Julius came and nearly killed our people. When Hitler fell during his times, it was because of dictatorship. Tonight we survived. We dodged bullets from Malema’s Military.”

While the EFF has yet to offer up an official statement pertaining to the allegations, Malema took to Twitter, saying:

“The mob is retweeting every story that says Malema was attacked, wishing it was true. The truth is EFF had three successful elective provincial conferences in GP, NW, MP & that won’t be retweet because there was no drama & they are disappointed.”