Posted on August 3, 2018

Waitress Reportedly Scrawled Racial Slur on a Receipt and Tried to Frame a Sheriff’s Employee for It

Sarah Taylor, The Blaze, August 3, 2018


What are the details?

According to KWTX-TV, Freestone County Sheriff Jeremy Shipley said that a social media post in which a server at a Waco restaurant made allegations that one of the department’s employees wrote a racist note went viral.


The incident reportedly occurred at Fuji Japanese Steak House in Waco on July 30 and went viral when a server reportedly said that an employee with the department “had written a racist remark on a check against the Hispanic community.”

“Our employee and the immediate family have received numerous hate messages from this fabricated lie,” Shipley said of the social media post.


What happened after the sheriff met the restaurant manager?

Shipley said he met with the restaurant manager on Tuesday to discuss the disturbing allegation, and noted that the manager was cooperative and was willing to review surveillance video footage with the sheriff.

Upon reviewing the video, and after comparing the penmanship on the check to other writing, the sheriff and manager reportedly met with the server in question.

“During the conversation with the waitress, the waitress confessed to writing the racial comment on the ticket herself due to being upset that day,” Shipley explained.

He noted that the server took the ticket book, which contained the ticket from the sheriff’s employee’s table, and hand-wrote the slur herself while hiding out in the restroom.

What did the waitress say?


“The waitress advised that she was sorry for what she did and advised that she didn’t know it would create this type of problem,” he added.