Posted on May 7, 2018

Political Mural on Wall of Chula Vista Charter School Sparks Controversy

Ashlie Rodriguez and Dan Plante, KUSI-TV, May 3, 2018

Parents are voicing concerns about an overtly political message on a wall of the MAAC Charter School in Chula Vista on Third Avenue.

KUSI News learned about the mural after a viewer sent a picture, offended by the depiction. It depicts an Aztec warrior, spearing President Donald Trump’s decapitated, bloody head.

Many residents in the area considered it graphic and inappropriate, considering it was on the wall of a school.


{snip} Director Tommy Ramirez explained this mural was a part of Battlegroundz, an annual event which highlights the urban art form of street murals to raise money to provide scholarships for seniors.


Currently, the mural is covered by a black tarp.