Posted on March 21, 2018

Labour-Run Council Donated Money to Anti-Fascist Group

Jordan James, Politicalite, March 16, 2108

Gateshead Council donated money to an Anti-Fascist organisation Politicalite can exclusively reveal.

Last month we reported that councils run by the Labour Party in the North East region of the UK had been accused of donating roughly ‘£10,000 a year’ to self-styled Anti-Fascist groups.

The council told us: “I can confirm that the Tyne and Wear Anti Fascist Association have received funding from Gateshead Council in the past through the council’s Capacity Building Fund. The last funding they received was in 2014.”

“This funding was not a donation but awarded through an open funding programme which has robust assessment and approval processes. The funding was awarded to assist the organisation to build its capacity to provide community cohesion training, awareness raising, education activities and multi agency work.”

After we published the story, many readers living in Labour-Council strongholds in Greater Manchester suspected the same was going on in their towns.