Posted on March 30, 2018

Dallas GOP Candidate: Protect Confederate Memorials

John Griffing, Big League Politics, March 27, 2018

Recently nominated Texas State Senate candidate Pat Fallon, wants to introduce legislation to protect war memorials, including Confederate symbols.

“It’s our history, and taking a monument down is not going to change anything,” said Fallon. “We became the greatest country history’s ever known after the Civil War.” Fallon’s proposal would protect all Texas memorials, not just those from the Civil War.

The fight to remove Confederate statues is propelled largely by “Antifa” SJW drones, all of whom generally view Civil War history through an extremely narrow prism.

Taking too shallow a view of Civil War history is an absurd exercise. Consider that Robert E. Lee, who has been so vilified by lawless mobs of college students in ninja costumes, began to emancipate his slaves before the Civil War.


Likewise, George Washington freed all his slaves. Thomas Jefferson authored a measure in Congress seeking to outlaw slavery in new states, which fell one vote short. “God’s justice cannot sleep forever,” he wrote after the vote.

Jefferson also compensated his slaves and gave them first-rate living quarters.

Sadly, facts are irrelevant to statue fanatics. They “feel” offended, and are willing to tear down history, instead of walking to work another way or changing the channel.


At least for some, the runaway train that is statue hysteria can be blamed in large part on Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. That’s what Chris Ekstrom, head of Conservative Response Team said when he spoke with Big League Politics.


Abbott seemingly sided with left-leaning ousted State House Speaker Joe Strauss, who lobbied for the removal of a plaque on capitol grounds memorializing Texas confederate dead.

There are more than 180 public symbols of the Confederacy around Texas, including about a dozen on Capitol grounds.

The governor also remained mostly silent in the face of brazen efforts by Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush to tear down the Alamo memorial erected in honor of those who died for Texas independence — that is, until he was forced to answer at a town hall.


In short, Abbott may be a little too cozy with Antifa statue drones. Time will tell.