Posted on February 13, 2018

‘Unaccompanied Minor Refugees’ Costing Germans $70,000 Per ‘Child’ Annually

Dan Lymanm, Newswars, Monday, February 12, 2018

The monumental costs of providing for migrants in Germany who claim to be ‘unaccompanied minors’ have been revealed in a new report by Welt — just months after the German government admitted that nearly half of these so-called children are actually adults.

According to federal figures, the expense per ‘child’ migrant averaged approximately €50,000 ($61,000) nationally in 2017, with social services agencies in certain regions detailing that they had invested much more — over $70,000 per case.


It should be noted that the federal government, which has transformed Germany into a veritable beacon for economic migrants from the Third World under the leadership of Chancellor Angela Merkel, only covers a small portion of these expenses, leaving states and municipalities to come up with the lion’s share.


Nevertheless, German taxpayers can be on the hook for the ‘upbringing’ of a ‘child’ migrant until they reach the age of 27 in certain situations — at which point they can transition into adult welfare programs.

“The term ‘unaccompanied minor refugee’ used for young migrants should not be taken literally; 43 percent are already grown according to official information,” Leubecher reports. “Foreigners arriving without parents may stay in the youth welfare service after the age of 18, if carers and youth welfare offices find a special need.”

“According to the Association of Towns and Municipalities, the Social Code allows adult foreigners to be cared for by the child and youth welfare service until the age of 27 in exceptional cases.”

Taking this data into consideration, a 17-year-old migrant arriving in Germany could easily cost over $500,000 to taxpayers in their first 10 years.


Germany’s commissioner for immigration, refugees and integration told the Financial Times that he expects three-quarters of migrants to remain unemployed for at least five more years, and “for many others we will need up to 10.”

Despite the growing mountain of evidence to the contrary, mainstream media and globalist figureheads will continue to inundate the public with propaganda about the economic importance of opening Western countries to an ever-increasing flow of immigrants ‘ legal or otherwise — from the Third World.