Posted on February 16, 2018

Laughing Illegal’s Wife Found Guilty of Helping Him Kill Two California Cops

Associated Press and Marlene Lenthang, Daily Mail, February 15, 2018

The wife of the illegal immigrant who laughed when he admitted he killed two Northern California sheriffs, is found guilty of murder for aiding her husband in his killing spree.

American citizen Janelle Monroy, 41, was convicted on Thursday of 10 charges including murder, attempted murder and carjacking, and possessing an assault rifle.

She argued that she feared husband Luis Bracamontes, 37, would have killed her if she didn’t help him, but the court rejected the Utah woman’s claim.

She will be sentenced on March 23 and could be condemned to life behind bars.

The two were married for 12 years.

Monroy played a role in Bracamontes’ murder of Sacramento, California Sheriff’s Deputy Danny Oliver and Placer Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Davis Jr in 2014.

Prosecutors in court Thursday said Monroy willingly helped Bracamontes by moving his assault-style rifle from vehicle to stolen vehicle after he murdered Oliver and before he killed Davis Jr hours later.


The prosecutor also reminded jurors of surveillance footage that was played in court that revealed Monroy caressing her husband and checking the two of them into motels from their trip from Utah to Sacramento.


Prosecutor Rod Norgaard noted that Monroy has conceded she had numerous affairs during her 12-year marriage, and offered that as proof that she did not live in fear of him.


Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Bracamontes after he was convicted by a separate jury.

When Bracamontes stood in trial, he laughed when he talked of his murders.

‘I wish I could have killed more of those motherf***ers,’ Bracamontes said, before Judge Steve White, according to the Sacramento Bee.


Janelle Monroy