Posted on January 10, 2018

#RevolveSoWhite: E-Commerce Giant Revolve Under Fire for Lack of Diversity

The Fashion Law, January 8, 2018

In light of widespread pushes for greater inclusivity within the fashion industry (and beyond), Revolve is coming under fire for a marked lack of diversity in its many influencer-centric Instagram campaigns. On Monday evening, no shortage of Instagram users took to the Los Angeles-based e-commerce giant’s account to comment on the photos from its latest trip, which saw super-influencers like Negin Mirsalehi, Tash Oakley, Camila Coehlo, and Hailey Clauson posing poolside and on yachts in Phuket, Thailand in Revolve’s wares.

Revolve has become well-known for its frequent influencer activations, i.e., #RevolveAroundTheWorld trips. {snip}

It played host to individuals from its network of influencers during upwards of 70 different excursions, in 10 different countries, last year. Writing for WWD this past fall in covering the publication’s Apparel and Retail CEO Summit, Rachel Strugatz detailed a discussion involving Revolve co-founder and co-CEO Michael Mente, who stated that “there are now 5,000 [Revolve influencers] in total, with the upper echelon counted as paid partners who travel with and attend events and parties on behalf of the retailer and its host of in-house apparel brands.”

With this in mind, there were two things missing from the coverage of Revolve’s most recent trip: Proper advertising disclosures to alert viewers of the paid-for trip and … women of color.

Comments – such as “No diversity at all!!! So where are the woman that looks like me?,” “Love Revolve but wish you were more inclusive. Hear us, respond to us. Promote women of all sizes and colors, your audience needs representation!,” “It’s sad how you refuse to acknowledge and work with bloggers of color,” and “I mean did you listen to Oprah’s speech for goodness sake!!?” – flooded the nearly $1 billion retailer’s latest photos. A few posts even contained the hashtag #RevolveSoWhite.


Still yet, others have sworn off shopping on the site, writing: “’Light skinned skinny girls only’ is what you’re saying Revolve. We get it. We won’t be purchasing from you all.”