Posted on November 20, 2017

Woman Says Video Shows Subway Manspreader Who Punched Her in the Face When She Asked for Space

Rana Novinim, WNBC-TV, November 17, 2017

A Brooklyn woman said video shows the manspreading attacker who punched her in the face in during a profanity-laced tirade on a subway train Thursday morning.

Sam Saia posted the video taken by another rider to her Facebook page later that night. She also posted a photo of her split lip.


Saia said she had gotten on the subway at Bay Parkway stop in Midwood and was riding to work when the man sitting next to her began manspreading, pushing her against the side of the car with his legs.

She wrote in the Facebook post: “When I asked him to give me room, he yelled ‘B—-, you ain’t nothing! I’ve raped white b—— like you, f—— c—! You ain’t nothing, you f—— b—-!”

Saia told him to relax and put her earbuds in. That’s when she said he slugged her in the face and banged her head against the wall of the train.


One of the straphangers stepped in and subdued the alleged attacker. The video starts around this point; it shows the straphanger gripping the alleged attacker by his arms and ordering him to leave the train at the next subway stop.

“Get off the train, bro! You just f—— hit a lady. You just f—— hit a lady,” the man says. “I’m not on duty right now, but I will f— you up.”


“Look at her mouth. Man, listen, look at her!” he says as he continues to clutch him by the arms.

When the train arrives at the New Utrecht station, the alleged attacker says, “I apologize.”


Sam Saia posted this photo of her split lip on Facebook.