Posted on November 13, 2017

Shelby Steele: ‘Liberalism Is Biggest Threat to Our Culture’

Eric Mack, NewsMax, November 12, 2017

Striking back at “liberalism” as taking advantage of blacks on “idealisms” such as “diversity” and “inclusion,” African American author Shelby Steele told The Daily Caller that “leftism really retards development.”

“Liberalism is our biggest threat to our culture and our way of life,” Steele told TDC.

“I think the left causes people to sell themselves out to identity and all sorts of ideas and idealisms and so forth. The left encourages them to take these multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion, all these sorts of things, and identify with them and give themselves a self esteem based on these empty idealisms that have no connection to reality.”


Steele added “selling” blacks as “victimized” and “entitled” is the “kiss of death” that will hold them back.

“America has tried to sell blacks — I think to save itself — to sell blacks on this idea you’re a victim, that’s your authenticity, the most authentic thing about you as a black person is that you come from a victimized and entitled group,” Steele told TDC. “That’s the kiss of death.”


“The slave master didn’t do that: He demanded labor; he may beat you, but he didn’t take your soul,” Steeled told TDC. “He didn’t tell you who you were as a human being. But today, liberalism does that.”