Posted on November 24, 2017

Kaepernick: Indians and Blacks Have the Same Fight

AP, November 24, 2017

‘I realize our fight is the same fight’: Colin Kaepernick makes surprise appearance at Native American ‘Un-Thanksgiving Day’ held on Alcatraz and says he knows their struggle

AP, November 24, 2017

NFL free agent Colin Kaepernick spent the holiday celebrating with crowds at the annual Indigenous People Sunrise Ceremony on Alcatraz Island.

The former San Francisco 49ers’ quarterback made a surprise appearance Thursday to the commemoration honoring ‘Indians of All Tribes’ who took part in the Occupation of Alcatraz back in 1969-71.


Kaepernick said he joined ‘in solidarity with those celebrating their culture and paying respects’ while also ‘in an effort to force America to honor the Treaty of Fort Laramie.’

He said in his speech: ‘I realize that our fight is the same fight. We’re all fighting for our justice, for our freedom, and realizing that we’re in this fight together makes it all the more powerful.


He added: ‘The dancing, the rituals – that is our resistance. We continue to fight. We continue to fight for justice. We fight for our freedom, and we continue on that path.’


Earlier this month, the football star was named GQ’s magazine’s ‘Citizen of the Year’ for his activism.

Kaepernick said on Twitter he was ‘honored’ by the recognition, but refused a formal interview.

The magazine included comments from several of Kaepernick’s supporters and confidants.

Rapper J. Cole says Kaepernick ‘sacrificed his dream’ to stand for something.

Ninety-year-old singer and activist Harry Belafonte says seeing people like Kaepernick taking action is ‘the greatest reward’ he could ask for.

Colin Kaepernick at “Unthanksgiving Day” celebration.