Posted on November 3, 2017

Butler University to Make Social Justice a Core Curriculum Requirement

Rachel Frommer, Free Beacon, November 2, 2017

Faculty at Indiana’s Butler University who “have demonstrated a commitment to social justice and diversity (SJD)” have been invited to serve on an advisory committee that will be charged with developing a new SJD core curriculum requirement.


The faculty advisory committee will work with SJD Director Robin Turner, an associate professor of political science, to ascertain which courses “identify and explain the causes and impact of privilege, power, and oppression and cultivate tools for overcoming conflict and promoting equality.”

The committee will “build community around this component of the core curriculum.”


Students are expected to begin taking SJD courses next fall through a pilot program, but the mandatory requirement won’t kick in until there are a mass of courses with the designation, according to the Butler Collegian.

To be labeled SJD, a course must “recognize multiple and intersecting dimensions of identity and inequity,” and “recognize and critique local, national, or global conditions that enable, perpetuate and/or challenge social injustice and inequity.”