Posted on November 17, 2017

Accused Gunman’s Mom Goes to Cheektowaga Shooting Scene, Pleads Her Son Is ‘A Good Boy’

Aaron Besecker and Harold McNeil, Buffalo News, November 16, 2017

The mother of the man accused in Tuesday’s shooting outside a Dollar General in Cheektowaga returned to the scene Thursday morning and  pleaded with people that her son is “a good boy,” according to Town of Cheektowaga police.

Viola Green went to the store near Union and French roads where police said her son, Travis J. Green, 29, shot a man and fired 20 rounds from an AR-15 at the building and into the air. She also went to Daryll’s Car Audio, the business next door whose owner tried hitting the shooter with his car to stop the gunfire.

Police responded to the scene and instructed Viola Green she needed to leave the private property, said Cheektowaga Assistant Police Chief James Speyer.

There was a small argument at Daryll’s and a more heated incident in front of the Dollar General with representatives of Daryll’s, Speyer said. They took exception to the mother’s claim that her son was a good boy, the assistant chief said.

Green was “emotionally upset,” Speyer said.

In a phone interview Thursday evening, Green told The Buffalo News that she was not upset with anyone and went to Daryll’s merely to apologize for her son.

Earlier in the morning, she showed up “agitated” at the front desk at Cheektowaga police headquarters on Union Road and yelled at police Chief David Zack and threatened to sue him, Zack said.

Zack said he understands that Green must be distraught over what happened and the department is trying to connect her with the appropriate services to help her.

Again, Green denied that she was agitated when she showed up at police headquarters, and said she went there to apologize to Zack.

The owner of Daryll’s Car Audio declined comment on Thursday morning.

Travis Green has been charged with attempted murder, assault, criminal use of a firearm, reckless endangerment, unlawful wearing of body armor and resisting arrest. Authorities are continuing to investigate whether he will be charged with any violations of the NY SAFE Act, though police have said both AR-15 rifles found at the scene appeared “at first glance” not to be in compliance with the state’s gun control law.

“A good boy” and his mom.