Posted on October 25, 2017

Anthem Protest Starter Kaepernick Inks Rich Book Deal

Daily Mail, October 24, 2017

Ex-NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who began the US anthem kneel protest move that has become a major controversy, has signed a book deal with Random House worth more than $1 million, according to multiple reports.

The New York Post’s Page Six and NBC Sports Pro Football Talk reported the book deal Tuesday, the Post saying the contract with Random House imprint One World was worth just over $1 million.

Kaepernick was the quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers last year when he started kneeling during the pre-game playing of “The Star-Spangled Banner” as a way to draw attention to racial inequality and social injustice in the wake of several police shootings of unarmed African-Americans.

Kaepernick opted out of his contract with the 49ers in March but no team has been willing to sign him, even those in need of quarterbacks due to injury.

The kneel protest had waned until a month ago when US President Donald Trump said any player who kneeled during the anthem should be fired and any player who did was “a son of a bitch.”

Trump has pushed the notion kneeling players are insulting the nation, the flag and US soldiers while players insist they are using the freedom of expression the flag represents to make their point, many who won’t kneel now locking arms in a sign of unity that has included club owners at times.

Trump has pushed for the NFL to forbid players to kneel but after a meeting between club owners and players last week, NFL commission Roger Goodell would only go so far as to say it was the NFL’s position that players “should” stand for the song.

In the meantime, jobless Kaepernick has gone to court accusing NFL owners of collusion in keeping him unemployed when he longs to continue his career at a prime age.

Neither report had any details of the focus or format of the book.