Posted on August 21, 2017

Video: Man Removed From Florida College After Standing in Front of Confederate Monument in Virginia

DaVonte McKenith, WXII12, August 2017

A High Point man, who stood in front of the General Robert E. Lee statue at Emancipation Park in Charlottesville, has been removed from his college in Florida.

Allen Armentrout stood in front of the statue on Tuesday, days after a deadly rally Saturday where a car crashed into a crowd and killed a woman after unrest and violence between protesters and white nationalists and neo-Nazi organizations.

Armentrout says he made the trip to Charlottesville to honor Lee, calling him “the greatest American that ever lived.” Armentrout stood at the statue with a semi-automatic handgun, an AR-15 rifle and a Confederate flag. His purpose was to honor and defend a statue that he loved, according to Armentrout.

While standing in front of the monument, Armentrout was met with those who didn’t agree with his actions. According to CNN, one man told Armentrout: “This is our town. Your people have killed us. You tore up our town. You ruined business. The statue is coming down,” to which Armentrout responded “No, it’s not. The state of Virginia has a law that protects monuments like this.”

On Thursday, Armentrout found out the staff of Pensacola Christian College decided to terminate his enrollment.