Posted on June 9, 2017

Chicago Pizzeria Lambasted for ‘Racist’ Dress Code That Bans Hoodies, Baggy Pants

Emily Zanotti, Heat St., May 31, 2017

A Chicago pizzeria and bar is coming under fire for instituting an insanely complex “dress code” that some patrons are calling racist.

The Bottled Blonde, in Chicago’s upscale River North neighborhood, says it requires a “high standard of dress at all times” but especially at night, when the “casual neighborhood concept of restaurant & nightlife” turns into a nightclub. The list of banned items is practically two feet long, and includes everything from “beanies,” to “manpris,” to “athletic wear,” “jean jackets” and “men’s jewelry.”

One Reddit user snapped a picture of the dress code when he passed by the restaurant last weekend.

The Bottled Blonde Dress Code

The Bottled Blonde Racist