Posted on May 15, 2017

Swastikas Reported Inside UNH Dorm

Fosters, May 15, 2017

University of New Hampshire police are investigating swastika drawings found in a student dormitory Friday afternoon.

The images were discovered in a stairwell at Stoke Hall, the largest dorm on campus. The racially-tinged incident followed a Thursday night forum in which dozens of UNH students urged administrators to do more to combat racism on campus.

UNH President Mark Huddleston acknowledged the Stoke Hall case Friday in a post titled “Another Incident: This Must Stop.”

“As we communicated yesterday, and expressed last night at the forum, we condemn all acts and behavior of hate and bias,” Huddleston said in the statement.

A photo of the drawings posted on social media shows at least nine swastikas drawn in black marker on a white wall. The swastika images appear to have been written backwards.


Standing under a banner that read “Justice Denied is Justice Delayed,” multiple students shared stories Thursday of being called racial slurs on campus and elsewhere in Durham.


Members of the Black Student Union also issued a list of demands to address racial problems, which they said comes in overt and subtle forms. Their requests included hiring more faculty of color, mandating diversity training for UNH police and staff and installing more streetlights on campus.

Huddleston acknowledged meeting some of the demands would be easier than others. However, he also apologized to the students for an apparent lack of progress on racial issues during his tenure as president and promised the university would do more.