Posted on March 21, 2017

‘People Like You’: White Nationalist Jared Taylor to Muslim-American Journalist

Amna Nawaz, ABC News, March 21, 2017

Jared Taylor sits across from me in a small radio booth. We are just a few feet apart and nearly an hour into a sometimes-heated conversation about race in the United States. The discussion pivots to America’s Founding Fathers, and Taylor gets personal.

“We built a wonderful country that your ancestors could not have [built]. That is why people like you come here,” Taylor said, brow furrowed as he gestures toward me. “And the more of you [who] come in larger numbers, you will change the country my ancestors built into something else. And it is completely normal for me to wish to oppose that.”

When we launched “Uncomfortable” as an ABC News series, the goal was to include voices with strong views on American society and to unpack their ideas openly, rigorously and without flinching.


Taylor has written several books and runs a website called American Renaissance, formerly a magazine. On the site, he posts misinformation-filled commentary by him and others that is disparaging to African-Americans, Hispanics, and immigrants. {snip}


Taylor recorded our interview on his own equipment. He indicated he’s been unhappy with the way other media interviews have been edited. We are publishing our interview in full, from start to finish. Our conversation ended after Taylor’s comments about his and my ancestors. I am certain nothing in our discussion changed his mind, as nothing he said changed mine. But I thanked him for his time and for sharing his views with us. We shook hands before parting ways.

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