Posted on February 6, 2017

Judge Dismisses ‘Clock Boy’ Lawsuit Against Ben Shapiro, Awards Attorneys’ Fees

Carlos Garcia, The Blaze, February 2, 2017

Conservative commentator and activist Ben Shapiro happily announced the lawsuit against him by Ahmed Muhammed, dubbed “clock boy,” was dismissed on Wednesday with attorney’s fees awarded to Shapiro.

The father of Ahmed filed the lawsuit against Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro for defamation for his comments about an incident where Ahmed was arrested for bringing to school what appeared to teachers to be a home-made bomb. The 14-year-old Ahmed said that he was merely showing off a clock that he had fashioned together, and that the school and the police had overreacted because he was a Muslim. He was arrested, detained for three hours, and later suspended for three days over the incident.

The lawsuit cited a segment on Fox News where Shapiro accused Ahmed of perpetrating a hoax for the claim of defamation.


Shapiro was represented by Kurt Schlichter, a popular conservative commentator and lawyer. “I could not be prouder than to have had the opportunity, along with Chris and Ross, to help Ben protect every American’s right to speak out on important issues,” Schlichter said. “Ben never once wavered, never even considered giving in, and we are grateful that the Court has unequivocally reaffirmed his and every American’s right to speak freely.”


Ahmed’s father also filed a defamation lawsuit against conservative radio host Glenn Beck, which was dismissed by a district judge in Texas in January. The family left Irving, Texas, after claiming they had received threats, and now live in Qatar.