Posted on January 23, 2017

Father of ‘Alt Right’ at Swearing in: ‘Give ’em Hell, Donald!’

Thomas Fitzgerald, Philly, January 20, 2017

At the last notes of President Trump’s inaugural address, and moments before the roar of the crowd traveled up the National Mall, a tall skinny man in a forest-green felt Stetson and a dark trench coat leaped to his feet.

“Give ’em hell, Donald!” Jared Taylor yelled from the third row of seats at the foot of the Capitol steps, just below the presidential podium.

Taylor, 65, a leading white-nationalist thinker considered the father of the so-called alt right, had found much to like in Trump’s call for a renewed national pride that will lift up the “forgotten men and women” who elected him in November.


“I very much approve,” Taylor said in brief interview. “Too many Republicans and Democrats alike think America is up for grabs for the globalists and illegal immigrants. There was a very clear sense that stops now.”


And then a group of young men with severe haircuts mobbed Taylor, grabbing his hand and telling him how much they admire his work.

Editor’s Note: This reporter was sitting right behind Jared Taylor at the inauguration. However, he got a crucial fact wrong: Mr. Taylor did not stand up and say “Give ’em hell, Donald.” That was James Edwards of the Political Cesspool, who was sitting next to Mr. Taylor. The Inquirer also got the hat all wrong. It’s canvas, not felt; it’s black, not forest green; and it’s a waterproof rain hat, not a fedora. So much for eye-witness reporting.