Posted on January 10, 2017

Atrocity in Chicago and in the Media

Andrew Klavan, PJ Media, January 10, 2017

There may be nothing quite as disgusting in our culture as the spectacle of media commentators trying to prop up one of their dishonest narratives with the latest atrocity. The ghoulish and soulless attempts by journalists to capture the moment of our outrage and yoke our emotions to the service of their leftist agendas is pitiful and hateful, a base display of the corruption of what used to be American journalism.


The recent atrocity in Chicago is like a spotlight shone on these media distortions. It has entangled journalists like Laocoon in the serpent of their own racial pathology. Four black people kidnap and torture a mentally disabled white man while screaming anti-white and anti-Trump obscenities. Clearly a lead story. Clearly an act of evil. Clearly a light shone on yet another Democrat-run city that has become a cesspool of violence.

But our journalists have so corrupted themselves with narrative-building lies about race that they find it impossible to report the story plainly. CNN’s Don Lemon  — and really, the man is an idiot —  says of the torturers: “I don’t think it’s evil. I think these are young people and I think they have bad home training.” (One remembers the parody song “Officer Krupke” from West Side Story with juvenile thugs declaiming: “We’re depraved on account of we’re deprived!”)

Or read Tavis Smiley who, inexplicably, has a show on PBS: “The unrelenting media focus on this random incident, is, to my mind, unbalanced and unwarranted…. I wonder: How many fellow citizens who can’t stop their social media commentary about this sick incident have been just as outraged and outspoken about the regular harassment and abuse that black teenagers and other black fellow citizens endure daily at the hands of white cops?”

Yeah, I must’ve missed the white cops torturing a disabled black man while shouting, “F— Obama.” I guess the media under-reported it.


But if journalists reported that story rather than their tired black-versus-white fairy tales, they would not only expose the truth behind these horrible incidents but also the malevolence of their own political bias. They will not do it.