Posted on December 16, 2016

Ex-Britain First Leader Paul Golding Jailed Over Mosque Ban

BBC, December 15, 2016

Paul Golding, who has stepped down as head of the group, admitted contempt of court and was jailed for eight weeks.

The injunction, which stopped him entering any mosque in England and Wales, was imposed in August.

But nine days later he drove four Britain First members to Cardiff’s Al-Manar Centre for a “mosque invasion”.

The injunction also banned him from encouraging others to enter a mosque.

Golding, 34, stayed outside and there was no violence but there was a verbal confrontation between his four colleagues and a mosque trustee.

James Weston, counsel for the Chief Constable of Bedfordshire Police who brought the committal application, said mosque members found the conduct provocative and unnerving and were concerned it could have escalated if prayers had not been over.

Judge Moloney said the breach was a “deliberate and cynical defiance” of the court’s order as well as an affront to the Muslim community not merely in Cardiff but throughout the country where Britain First might circulate its propaganda.

Golding, was a former BNP councillor in Swanley, south-east London, who ran as Britain First’s candidate in this year’s mayoral elections.

He will serve four weeks of the sentence.