Posted on November 8, 2016

Why Donald Trump Should (and Will) Win the Election

Filip Dewinter, American Renaissance, November 8, 2016

European media hate Donald Trump. He is, after all, everything the establishment despises: politically incorrect, anti-immigration, wants to keep and bear arms, Islam-critical, independent, and conservative. Trump therefore had to be portrayed as a dangerous madman, a brutal, aggressive fool, a sexist misogynist, a xenophobe, and a rabble rouser.

The media also targeted his supporters. They were said to be sour, frustrated, stupid, racist, and naive. If there was to be a “sensible” Trump voter, he would hold his nose and vote “not for Trump but against Clinton.” No European journalist has thought to look for the reasons why tens of millions of Americans will vote for Mr. Trump with enthusiasm. The hatred against Mr. Trump is so great that the European media have abandoned all objectivity and have unleashed an unprecedented smear campaign.

Trump has already won the election

With his nomination as presidential candidate for the Republican Party, Trump has already won. He has broken the taboos on immigration, Islam, and multiculturalism to put them on the election agenda–the agenda of the people. This has consequences worldwide. If the world’s largest democracy dares to enter the debate on these taboo subjects, why can’t we? That is why we immediately know the reasons why the traditional media hate Mr. Trump the way the devil hates holy water.

Their strategy is to not discuss his ideas but to insult the man. Mr.Trump is also one of the first to disregard anything the press does or says. Instead, he fights back and reaps a harvest of sympathy from ordinary Americans who already do not trust the media. Mr. Trump kills two birds with one stone: He sweeps the both the political and media establishments into one lot and unmasks them as a single corrupt force.

Mr. Trump does not stick to the unwritten rules of “Capitol Hill.” He says what the man in the street thinks, and he does not mince words. He attacks his opponent mercilessly and directly. “Crooked and lying Hillary should be in jail.” Mr. Trump has no hypocrisy about treating opponents as “comrades,” or looking for compromise and consensus. If this doesn’t suit them, too bad. He doesn’t follow polished texts, has few spokesmen, no spin doctors and advertising guys–it’s just Donald Trump. It is called “populism,” but he is just someone who says what he really thinks.

Nobody owns Trump

The Donald is a self-made man. Unlike most other politicians, rather than promise jobs, he creates jobs through his many businesses. He paid for a large part of his campaign himself. He has earned a lot of money by hard work. As a very successful businessman, he depends on no one but himself. In short, nobody owns Trump.

Mrs. Clinton, however, is a career politician who depends on the Clinton Foundation, and lobbies and businesses of all types. Countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates pour tens of millions into the Clinton Foundation in exchange for all kinds of deals. That is why the American voter wants to vote for Mr. Trump and end this corrupt form of politics.

10 reasons why Trump must (and will) win

1. He is a manager

He is a businessman who runs a gigantic empire. Someone who can manage a large multinational company, can manage the US.

2. He is independent

Nobody owns Mr. Trump. He is financially and politically independent. He is a candidate of the people, not of lobbies or interest groups.

3. He wants to return America to the Americans

Mr. Trump wants to return political power to the American people. Now the political class rules over the people.

4. He says what the man in the street thinks

Mr. Trump is anything but politically correct. He says what common people think but dare not say.

5. He stands for ‘America First’

Mr. Trump wants the US government to focus on America instead of taking “police actions” all over the world. He will focus his attention on the US.

6. He will build the wall

America is being overrun by illegal aliens, mostly from South America. The US probably has more than 13 million illegal immigrants. Mr. Trump wants to build a wall between the US and Mexico and repatriate illegal immigrants.

7. He will eradicate ISIS

Americans never really got over 9/11. Mr. Trump will fight ISIS without mercy. He is willing to cooperate with Putin to achieve this.

8. He is critical of Islam

Mr. Trump wants to close the borders to Muslim radicals and restrict Islam in the US.

9. He is the underdog

It’s all against Mr. Trump. The American voter can identify with him because he fights courageously and fearlessly against the political establishment, the mainstream media, and anyone who attacks him.

10. He is clear: “Make America Great again!”

Mr. Trump does not beat around the bush. He is honest. He is proud of his country and wants others to be too. Americans are patriots and he is their leader.