Posted on November 14, 2016

Trump Win Spawns Fear and Loathing Among People He Disparaged and Alienated

Janell Ross, Washington Post, November 12, 2016

They gathered in the November night chill beneath five billboard-size American flags.

They stood on the sidewalk along Pennsylvania Avenue, not outside the White House, but farther down America’s Main Street, outside the hulking stone building bearing the name of the new president-elect: the Trump International Hotel–Washington, D.C.

They came to make noise, to voice discontent, to make clear that America’s decision to elect Donald Trump president was, to them, far from all right. {snip}

{snip} Others were in shirt sleeves and college sweatshirts but seemed undeterred, as the air temperature inched down toward 48 degrees. Neither was a man who passed on foot–white, muscular and perhaps in early 30s–who shouted his thoughts at the crowd.

“What a bunch of f—— idiots,” he said without stopping. “Go home. Know your f—— place.”


The scene outside the Trump hotel Thursday night was in many ways a living, breathing capsule of our time. {snip}


To Jared Taylor, a self-described white rights advocate and editor of American Renaissance, a publication that bills itself as “America’s premiere source for race-realist thought,” it is ridiculous.

“Yes, if you visit [white nationalist] websites, you will see pretty much unalloyed joy about the election outcome,” Taylor said. “But does this mean that every African American, Hispanic or Muslim should be cowering in unreasonable fear of being imminently removed from the country? No. Donald Trump is an American nationalist, he is not a racial nationalist, despite the best efforts of the media to cast him as a frothing bigot.”

Taylor said that he does not believe Trump is a white supremacist. Trump does not “think in racial terms, despite every effort on the part of media to make it seem that he is taking secret instruction from people like me or David Duke,” Taylor said. Trump has promised to remove illegal immigrants from the country to keep Muslims out, to possibly create a Muslim watch list, something that has happened before, Taylor said. Trump plans to put an end to maternity tourism, to examine the terms of birthright citizenship and to render it impossible for immigrants who make use of welfare, to develop policies that rid the country of the burden of fighting wars to spread democracy, Taylor said.

Those are ideas “ordinary Americans” support, Taylor said. That is the same thought process that compels the majority of white Americans to move out of or avoid living in majority black or Hispanic neighborhoods, he said.

Taylor is firm in his support for Trump, clear that his reasons have to do with race.

“Yes, it’s true, someone like me who does have a racial consciousness supports Trump and is pleased about his election for a simple reason,” he said. “I support anyone whose policies will slow the dispossession of whites in the United States.”