Posted on October 11, 2016

White on Black Crime vs. Black on White Crime: New Statistics Show More Killings Between Races

Lydia O'Neal, International Business Times, September 30, 2016

Interracial homicides have reached levels not seen since president Barack Obama first took office, when rates began a period of steady decline, according to the latest statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Most notably, white-on-black killings spiked by 22.5 percent between 2014 and 2015 after years of mostly trending downward. Killings of whites by African Americans increased by 12.2 percent, while black-on-black and white-on-white killings increased only slightly–by just 7.9 percent and 3.5 percent, respectively–between 2014 and 2015, after mostly falling since 2008. Overall, more than twice as many black-on-white homicides occurred compared with white-on-black homicides.

To be sure, homicides in which the offender and victim were of the same race have vastly outnumbered interracial homicides for the past ten years. FBI data show that while 500 black-on-white killings and 229 white-on-black killings were reported in 2015,  2,574 homicides were committed by whites against other whites, and 2,380 by blacks against blacks.


[Editor’s Note: There are good charts of trends in inter- and intra-racial killings at the original article link below.]