Posted on September 29, 2016

University of Michigan Black Lives Matter Debate Shut Down by Protesters Alleging Racism, Bigotry

Chris Enloe, The Blaze, September 28, 2016

A Black Lives Matter debate at the University of Michigan was overrun Tuesday by a group protesters who alleged the debate was racist, bigoted and harming progress of race relations.

The debate was being hosted by the University of Michigan debate club and was debating the topic: “Black Lives Matter is harmful to racial relations in the United States.”

According to the College Fix, which first reported the news, the crowd of protesters numbered as many as 450. They stormed the debate hall chanting, holding signs and stomping their feet–effectively ending the debate.

The crowd of protesters also laid on the ground to conduct a “die-in” demonstration. In addition, they would shout over any debate participant who dared to speak up, the Fix reported.

“You’re irrelevant [because] you’re white,” one protester was captured saying to a man who attempted to speak.

After nearly an hour of protesting, debate leaders chose to end the debate because it could not continue as planned.