Posted on July 7, 2016

Bill O’Reilly Shares Photos of Barack Obama in Traditional Muslim Dress Saying They Prove His ‘Deep Emotional Ties to Islam’

Chris Spargo, Daily Mail, July 7, 2016

Bill O’Reilly shared photos of Barack Obama in traditional Islamic dress on his program Wednesday night claiming they were from his half-brother Malik’s wedding.

The Fox News host said it was ‘very difficult’ to verify the exact location of the photographs–a similar set of which were first released back in 2004 by Malik and previously published on–but claimed they were taken in Maryland in the early 1990s.

‘According to his half-sister, Barack Obama attended his half-brother’s wedding in the early 1990s. Malik Obama was a Muslim,’ said O’Reilly.

‘The Factor has obtained pictures allegedly from that wedding, which we believe was held in Maryland.’


Malik was married in 1981 for the first time and President Obama was his best man at that ceremony. He now has multiple wives.

O’Reilly used the photos in a monologue alleging the President’s ‘deep emotional ties to Islam’ have stopped him effectively combating ISIS while also saying he believes the photos prove that President Obama is not a ‘devout Christian’.


O’Reilly also said of Obama after sharing the photos: ‘I believe he’s a Christian. I’m not one of these guys who says he’s a Muslim. But I don’t think he’s a devout Christian.’


In a March 2013 interview with the Mail on Sunday, Malik said that he and his brother were close, and he had just seen him in November of the previous year.

‘We are close but don’t live in each other’s pockets. I don’t have to be at every big party. I’ve not seen Michelle in a while,’ said Malik at the time.


In that interview Malik complained that he was maligned and misunderstood because he is a Muslim and a black man. He has lived in Washington since 1985 and divides his time between there and Kogelo in Kenya.